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December 26, 2007
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Airbrushing tutorial Corel+PS by fraeuleinwunder Airbrushing tutorial Corel+PS by fraeuleinwunder
Attention, huge file (~3.5mb)

Since I made some screenshots during painting my last deviation, I decided to make a tutorial out of this. I don't want to be megalomaniac, but when I started to draw this portrait, I nearly gave up and thought it would never be something that looked more or less good, not even to mention being finished someday.
But I kept on drawing and was quite happy with the result. So please take this as an inspiration next time you think you can't draw for your life. I hope the description on how I do things come in helpful for you, too. :)

The result can be found here: [link]

Since I'm not english, I bet there are some mistakes in it, but I hope everything is understandable.

Please tell me what you think of it and if you think I could change something to make it more helpful. :)

EDIT: What I forgot to mention: The straight-line-rule depends on the orientation of the face. In the picture I used, the head is nearly frontally seen. That means the line you would draw touching the chin runs parallel to the one in the eyes, which is here, incidentally parallel to the border of the picture. If the head is turned, the line that connects the eyes might be in a different angle, but it still has to be parallel to the line of the chin (and mouth in the relaxed position). However, more individual faces might vary, but it is a good orientation. Same goes for monsters (the more symmetrical ones, though), horns, ears, eyes should be on more or less parallel lines. :nod:
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ChiragtheOO7 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for tutorial
BellaArtemis Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have been searcing for a tutorial like this for ages :D Thanks :)
fraeuleinwunder Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
Glad that it could help you, thanks for your comment! :)
moonnos Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009
that's very great. It's nice to see that some don't use much layers. well here you used one at the face. It's more like painting to canvas :)
I'm actually that boring that I use multiple layers to back up my work .. :(
fraeuleinwunder Featured By Owner May 16, 2009
:) Thank you.
Well, my usage of layers totally depends on what I do - I recently drew some stuff that had really many layers in total, but it gives me a completely another "feeling", it feels more "combined". (Not to mention my computer getting horribly slow..)
I think the comparison to drawing on canvas gets it very well. When I drew the theoden, I really felt like "modelling" the face, like a sculpture or something...ah, now I want to draw something again..:D
Senna-ndi Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
really good tutorial
thanks a lot
fraeuleinwunder Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
Thank you! :)
xNatje Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008  Student General Artist
This tutorial is verry helpfull!
fraeuleinwunder Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2009
thank you! Glad it could help you! :)
resurgida Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008  Student Photographer
Great tutorial! The best one I've seen in DA so far...
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